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Our novel, Her Underground, is set in the city of Boston where the infamous Big Dig highway project provides the backdrop for this timely, eco-friendly mystery. Approximately 98,000 words in length, it falls within the genre of commercial/women's fiction and bridges multiple sub-genres. An invited excerpt was recently published in "Sinister Wisdom" (Issue 75; winter 2008-2009).

For years, law professor Alexandra Martin tried to ignore the digging and the banging of Boston's Big Dig project, until she learned from Harvard's top anthropologist, Richard Lyons, that an ancient stone chamber was unearthed that very morning. When asked by the Mayor's office to consult for the city, instead of the Indian tribes she would normally represent, she seeks advice from her artsy childhood friend, Diana Wolfe, who is convinced that the Big Dig is cursed. Alex dismisses Diana's wild claims but all signs start to indicate that the Big Dig has ruptured one of the earth's sacred energy centers and that Richard is involved in a clandestine academic conspiracy to destroy the chamber and bury the knowledge contained within it. These violations become clear to our main characters and culminate in the subterranean struggles women face in reconciling modern day rationality with ancient wisdom and notions of magic. The secrets of an ancient goddess myth contained within the chamber have the potential for bringing about an enlightened and evolved state of consciousness on the earth and can even heal the planet, but is there still enough time?

Dr. Mary Daly, a leading author, philosopher and women's rights advocate gives Her Underground high praise and support, saying: "I have been stunned; I'm very excited about it, it is real! Her Underground is there, ...it's HERE!!!!"


About the authors

Her Underground is the product of many discussions, words and drafts collaborated by both Donna Giancola and Undine Celeste Pawlowski.

Dr. Donna M. Giancola is an Associate Professor of Philosophy and Director of Religious Studies at Suffolk University in Boston. She has published a text book on World Ethics with Wadsworth Publishing (2003), as well as numerous articles in academic journals. She lectures internationally on issues pertaining to ancient goddess traditions, feminist philosophy and ancient philosophy.

Undine Celeste Pawlowski is a freelance artist, lawyer and civic leader with extensive writing, editing and speaking experience. 

We both have lived for many years in Boston but currently reside near the beach on the east coast of Florida, somewhere on A1A.

Where can I read the book?


HER UNDERGROUND is under contract for publication with Solstice Publishing and will soon be available in its full published format. Check back in mid 2012 for further details.  

An excerpt from Her Underground was published by guest editor, Julie Enszer, in the journal "Sinister Wisdom," volume 75. Order your subscription today, visit http://www.sinisterwisdom.org/  

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